Reservations are recommended.

Reserved seats will be held up until 10 minutes before the show, at which time they will become available.


Cash & check ONLY when paying at the theater.  Credit and debit cards accepted ONLY for reservations for pre-purchase. 

To make reservations to pay at the door (Cash or check only):

  1. Call the theater at (440) 327-2909

  2. When the answering machine picks up

    • ​- State your name and phone number

    • - State the date and time of the show you want to see

    • - State the number of tickets you desire

  3. ​YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A RETURN CALL unless there is a problem

  4. Pick up and pay for your tickets when you arrive for your show

To make reservations for pre-purchase (Credit and debit card):

  1. Go to the page for the current show.

  2. Below the Ticket information, select the date of the show you want to attend.

  3. Click the Add To Cart button for the type of ticket you want.

    • Adult Tickets

    • Senior and Child Tickets

  4. To purchase each type of ticket, click one Add To Cart button and wait for the PayPal page to load, you display the theater page again, click the other Add To Cart button, and go back to PayPal which will refresh to display both ticket types.

  5. Adjust how many tickets you want to purchase on the PayPal page.

  6. Click the Checkout button on the PayPal Page and enter your information to make the purchase.

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